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GRBN Global Trust Survey: Building Trust

In 2024, as the presence of AI continues to grow, gaining and maintaining trust from all stakeholders, clients, and panel members is paramount for panel companies. In this context, Rakuten Insight will take an in-depth look at how reputable panel companies gain and maintain trust, not just from the client’s point of view but also from the point of view of panel members who complete surveys.

New: Snapshot – Electric Cars

Explore consumer attitudes towards electric cars. In February 2024, we interviewed over 100,000 adults across 12 markets to uncover insights on ownership, purchase intention, motivations, barriers, and the importance of local brands in capturing market share. Download the report to learn more!

New Report: Sustainable Consumption in APAC

Discover the latest report by Rakuten Insight Global, which delves into consumers’ attitudes in APAC towards sustainable consumption. The report provides valuable insights into the changing trends, preferences, and actions driving consumers’ green mindset.

Singapore: Employee Perception on Innovation

Explore the vibrant landscape of innovation in Singapore through Cassandra Mok’s report, powered by Rakuten Insight data. Current innovation practices, organisational structures and culture as well as potential areas for organisations and policy makers to enhance innovation capabilities and enabling environments in the Singaporean context.

5 Biggest Consumer Behaviour Trends in the U.S. 2023

Uncover the 5 major consumer behaviour trends of 2023 in the U.S.. Partnering with Parcel Monitor, this article provides actionable insights for businesses to tailor strategies, build lasting relationships, and navigate the complex landscape of consumer preferences.

Snapshot: Food delivery apps in Asia & the U.S.

Discover the impact of food delivery apps on consumer lifestyles in a recent survey conducted by Rakuten Insight Global. Find out how these apps have become an essential part of daily life, providing convenience, diverse cuisine options, and enticing discounts.

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Decision Makers or Decision Influencers?

Discover how decision-makers perceive themselves and their role in the decision-making process. Gain valuable insights for market researchers and create more tailored approaches to obtain better insights.

New survey: Food Delivery Apps in Thailand

A recent survey conducted among Rakuten Insight’s proprietary, double-opt-in Thai panel delved into the habits and preferences of Thai consumers when it comes to ordering through food delivery apps.

Social Media & Influencers: The Game-Changers of College Life!

According to a recent survey from Rakuten in partnership with Rakuten Insight, 87% of college-aged students agree that social media influences their purchasing decisions when preparing for the school year. The survey also reveals a shift in Back-to-School shopping trends, with students now focusing on makeup and skincare products inspired by TikTok’s #GRWM content.

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