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Decision Makers or Decision Influencers?

Discover how decision-makers perceive themselves and their role in the decision-making process. Gain valuable insights for market researchers and create more tailored approaches to obtain better insights.

New survey: Food Delivery Apps in Thailand

A recent survey conducted among Rakuten Insight’s proprietary, double-opt-in Thai panel delved into the habits and preferences of Thai consumers when it comes to ordering through food delivery apps.

Social Media & Influencers: The Game-Changers of College Life!

According to a recent survey from Rakuten in partnership with Rakuten Insight, 87% of college-aged students agree that social media influences their purchasing decisions when preparing for the school year. The survey also reveals a shift in Back-to-School shopping trends, with students now focusing on makeup and skincare products inspired by TikTok’s #GRWM content.

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Japanese men in their 20s embracing the use of make-up

Rakuten Insight Japan investigated skincare & make-up habits post-lockdown. The survey found out Japanese consumers are putting two years of cautious behaviour behind them and both men and women alike are ready to spend on beauty products including facials, skincare and make-up.