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How is New Year’s Eve Celebrated in Asia?

People in most parts of Asia look forward to the Lunar New Year (February 5th, 2019) rather than the Calender New Year for a feeling of a new start, and renewing opportunities; that does not mean that the Calendar New Year is not celebrated – in fact completely the opposite.

Online Shopping

Black Friday

As the year coming to a close, festivities mood is drumming up across the globe. The upcoming Black Friday Sales certainly help!

Inside Rakuten Insight – Food for Thought

We heard from Collin, Country Director, Rakuten Insight Malaysia, in our earlier post about the diversity in Asia. It got us interested to find out how different is the Taste Bud in the 12 countries with our panel members.

Inside Rakuten Insight:
Neil Cantle, Sales Director,

“Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home.” said the well-known Japanese poet Matsuo Basho. Although he probably wasn’t talking about research it can certainly be applied to my own journey in research, which like Basho, started out in Japan.

Inside Rakuten Insight:
Kritsa Ouyswat, Panel Manager,

Did you know we will be running out of sand? {source} The thought of sand running out is just simply mind blogging. Firstly, I do not think we can imagine that there may be no more beaches in the future. The next thought was how is it possible that we are running out of these tiny tweeny particles? Isn’t there tonnes and tonnes of it out there?

Is Halloween Popular in Asia?

Halloween was once considered a tradition mostly celebrated in the United States, however in recent years it has become a global event with people enjoying parades, costumes and trick or treating. How is Halloween perceived in Asia?


Rakuten Insight Opens Malaysia Office

Kuala Lumpur, October 1, 2018 – Rakuten Insight Global, Inc., a wholly-owned online market research subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc., a global leader in internet services headquartered in Tokyo, today announced it is expanding its operations in Asia with the opening of Rakuten Insight Malaysia, its eleventh location and eighth office in the Asia region. Establishing Rakuten Insight Malaysia has an important meaning to continue Rakuten Insight’s deep involvement in Asia and pursue local expertise. The new office will allow Rakuten Insight to work more closely with its clients in Malaysia and the region.


From Bricks To Clicks: Consumers now expect a fully-integrated shopping experience

A survey conducted by Rakuten Marketing across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has revealed that 78% of Australian consumers like to shop both online and instore, with 20% shopping instore only and 2% of Australians shop exclusively online. . The report suggests that for retailers to grow in Australia, they need to unite user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing and everything in between.


Wearables in Asia

Despite the the Apple Watch only being 3 years old, the sales of the iconic watch have reportedly already surpassed the entire Swiss watch industry in 2017!

Which Brands won from the World Cup?

The FIFA world cup is won and done for another 4 years. Congratulations to France on the amazing victory. The other battle rages between brands for the hearts and minds of the consumer.

Pet Market in Asia

The pet care market in Asia is estimated to be over US$1B per year with expected growth to US$1.5B by 2020 and reflects the growing wealth of the region. Attitudes to pet ownership varies greatly across the region along with ownership rates. We will focus on Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan for this edition of Asia Express.

Rakuten Research, Inc. and AIP Corporation, online market research companies and wholly-owned subsidiaries of Rakuten, Inc., today announced that both companies will change their respective names and rebrand under a unified service name and brand logo.

Rakuten AIP to strengthen Taiwan presence

Asian research and online panel specialists Rakuten AIP today announced the opening of its Taiwan office – continuing the businesses rapid growth in the region. The investments Rakuten AIP is making in Taiwan are aimed at increasing local client’ support and building a team of highly experienced professionals to provide a tailor-made service around Taiwan’s specific business requirements.

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

Rakuten AIP treats the privacy and data of our members and clients very seriously. Recently as a part of our review of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) some parts of our privacy policy changed.

Introduction to the GDPR

As a market researcher, advertiser, publisher, or anyone dealing with customer or consumer data, it is vital for you to have a robust compliance regime in place. Although the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may involve you having to make changes to your data processing policies, it also presents an opportunity.