New report: Malaysia – Bank Branch+

Traditionally, bank branches have been the face of value propositions for customers. They allowed customers to easily transact, access their accounts and served as a symbol of trust. The emergence of digital platforms allows customers to transact virtually without the need of branch (hence the region-wide decline in the number of physical branches), but many customers still regularly visit branches for tasks that could be handled digitally.

This leads to the bank’s dilemma – branch channel is either an asset to their brand – an important touchpoint with a customer – or a major liability as it becomes more irrelevant. The most pressing issue for banks is how to optimize the physical channel of experience in a meaningful way.

The Bank Branch+ Report

To extract future economic value from branches, Evolve Consulting’s report explores this topic from 3 angles:

1. Strategic value of branches from bankers – supply point of view

2. Usage and attitudes of Malaysian consumers towards bank branches – Identifying service gap from demand point of view, powered by Rakuten Insight Global data

3. Exploration of what-could-be and how-to-be of future bank branches, driving profitability and delivering superb customer experience through Branch+

Download the full report here!

Malaysia – Bank Branch+ Report

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