2023 Consumer Pulse Report – Watch, Chat, Read, Shop

Discover Rakuten: Rakuten is your lifestyle companion to make today more rewarding: Watch – Rakuten TV, Chat – Rakuten Viber, Read – Rakuten Kobo, Shop – Rakuten France.

Rakuten Insight Global have conducted surveys using their proprietary panels to understand consumer attitudes & behaviours in these four categories. The first Watch, Chat, Read Shop survey was conducted during the pandemic.

Now in 2023, Rakuten Insight Global wanted to discover what consumers in Asia & the US are ‘Watching, Chatting, Reading & Shopping’.

Local insight is key in understanding the consumer through their cultural lens. Themes which have emerged in this study include differing attitudes & behaviours towards:

  • Online Shopping: An increase in ‘almost everyday’ shopping compared to 2020, suggesting habits formed during COVID have continued.
  • Devices: Importance of smartphone, across categories, in some Asian markets such as China & Indonesia.
  • Digital Content: Leisure time activities differ depending on local culture e.g., Japan watching fewer movies, possibly preferring shorter content formats or other categories such as gaming.
  • Family & Friends: Support networks can vary depending on the culture in each Asian market.

Download the full report here:

2023 Consumer Pulse Report – Watch, Chat, Read, Shop

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