Report: Next Normal to Future Normal for consumers in Asia and US

New Normal has become a topic of many research reports. What will the new normal be like for consumers post COVID? What habits & behaviours have changed during COVID-19 and which ones are here to stay?

To find out, Rakuten Insight Global surveyed 9,000 consumers across twelve key markets within APAC (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam). In addition responses were added from United States. The first survey was run in April 2020. The follow-up survey, the basis of this report, was conducted in December 2020.

Some highlights from the report:

      • Trust: Low trust in all forms of sources of information in Japan & South Korea. This can be explained through looking at the cultural context of trust through a local lens. For further information please see articles in ESOMAR & GRBN.
      • Shopping: All markets increased in online shopping frequency, especially in SEA. With decreases in mall & supermarket visits also marked in the region.
      • Daily Life : Whilst the worry of contracting COVID has decreased there are still concerns over the state of the economy & public order.
      • Post COVID-19 : Japan & US highest amount of ‘rejectors’. India most willing to take the vaccine as soon as possible (45%).
      • Future Normal : Next Normal may only fully emerge once vaccines are successful. We take a look at 5 potential FUTURE NORMALS.

And please reach out to us with any questions we can help get answered for you!

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