2022 Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour

More than two years on from the COVID outbreak in spring 2020, we look at how consumer behaviour changed during the pandemic and whether this is likely to continue as restrictions ease.

Rakuten Insight Global asked more than 3,900 consumers across twelve key markets within APAC (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam) & the US about their thoughts on vaccines and masks, where and how often they shop, most important product purchase factors and what activities they have resumed or they plan to resume now or shortly.

2022 COVID-19 Impact on consumer behaviour report

Highlights from the report include:

Online shopping: The boom in online shopping has, as predicted, remained high even if there has been a slight decrease since the height of lockdown. USA highest increase (+16)

Food delivery services: The habits of food delivery services formed in lockdown have continued to increase. Largest increase in Philippines (+19) & Indonesia (+17)

Brand choice: Discounts (60%), Environmental friendliness (56%) & Cost performance (55%) remain of key importance

Vaccines & boosters: US (73%) & Hong Kong (76%) lowest vaccinated. Malaysia (97%) & Vietnam (98%) highest. Majority (74%) have had 2 vaccinations. Booster shots highest in China (51%) & USA (54%). Japan lowest (5%)

Mask mandates: Most (67%) perceive that the mask benefits both themselves & others. Wearing a mask (95%) is key action taken to protect from COVID-19 out of the home. Washing hands (80%) is key action in the home

Daily life: Trips to the mall and office are resuming. Holiday makers still showing some caution

2022 COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour

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