Snapshot – Apps usage in Asia & the U.S.

Apps have become a fundamental part of our daily digital interactions. From social media platforms that keep us linked with friends and family, shopping apps that bring retail therapy to our fingertips, to finance and banking apps that simplify transactions and budgeting – the scope is vast.

Rakuten Insight Global has conducted surveys using their proprietary panels to better understand app usage and consumer sentiments. We interviewed over 6,300 adults aged 16 and above from our proprietary panels across Asia and the U.S.

The report includes levels of positivity consumers feels towards apps and if consumers feel any concerns over how apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. Discover which categories of apps are most installed, which are most likely to be used daily and which app is deemed their favourite across Asia & the U.S.

Download the report here!

Snapshot – Apps usage in Asia & the U.S.

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