New Survey: Singapore Workers’ Preparedness for Digital Transformation

Originally published by Reeracoen Singapore on July 3rd, 2023

Study sheds light on perceptions, behaviours and changes towards digitalisation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reeracoen Singapore conducted a survey in partnership with Rakuten Insight Global to better understand Singapore workers’ evolving attitudes and behaviours towards digitalisation. The report aims to bridge the gap in understanding and/or expectations between workers and employers, educating both parties to create a better environment to nurture local talents for the future.

Specifically, the survey assessed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Singapore workers and their ability to adapt to the rapid digital transformation that’s underway in Singapore and other countries worldwide.

As businesses were compelled to accelerate their digitalisation efforts in the past few years, the study sought to determine whether Singapore’s workers felt adequately equipped to embrace significant changes to the way they live and work.

The report captured responses from both full-time and part-time workers, offering a comprehensive perspective across different work arrangements. Additionally, it explores workers’ perceptions of their companies’ readiness for digitalisation, any perceived upskilling gaps and opportunities, as well as the levels of digital preparedness among different employment types.

Digitalisation attitudes varies from generation to generation

Reeracoen commissioned the survey to understand employee attitudes towards digitalisation in a post-pandemic world across three demographics: Gen Z (23%), Gen Y (38%) and Gen X (39%).

The results showed that Singapore full-time workers feel that the responsibility of Digitalization falls under:

  • 1. IT (34%)
  • 2. Govt (26%)
  • 3. Everyone (19%)
  • 4. HR (15%)
  • 5. Mine (6%)

The survey results also revealed several insights between respondent groups:

  • ● Less than half of the respondents have heard of Digitalization.
  • ● Most respondents feel that their company is ready for Digitalization.
  • ● Most full-time workers feel equipped to embrace “Digitalization”, whereas most part-time workers feel ill-equipped to take on digital transformation.
  • ● Most full-time workers feel supported by their company in terms of upskilling, whereas most part-time workers do not.
  • ● Both full-time and part-time workers would most like their companies to roll out “Time off to upgrade/upskill”, followed by “External training” and “Sponsored scholarships”.
  • ● The most popular upskilling platform both full-time and part-time workers are familiar with is SkillsFuture.

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