Join Us At Quirk’s New York: Measuring The ROI Of Influencer Marketing

How can you tell if your influencer marketing is working? It’s a simple question with a complex answer. Through collaboration and deliberate partnerships, hear how our panel of industry experts crafted a custom solution that is measurable, actionable and repeatable. Our speakers will discuss the impact of influencer messaging by combining custom insights with campaign metrics to evaluate key drivers like awareness, consideration, and market share. Lastly, they’ll share how this “one-time, one-client” report became a value-add offering for all clients.

Key takeaways:

  1. Create an “A team” partnership by bringing the right people into the conversation to revolutionize insights and drive results.
  2. Incorporate custom insights into data already being used (like campaign impact reports).
  3. Best practices on the creating a repeatable process for consumer insights gathering to make informed strategic decisions.

About the speakers:

Darci Greco – VP of Client Development, Americas, Rakuten Insight Global

With over 15+ years of experience in the market research space, Darci has worked closely with agencies, brands and vendors. She began her career in client development with SSI then moved into in the research tech space as a senior account executive with Canvs. In her current role as a VP client development for Americas with Rakuten Insight she’s responsible for global key accounts, strategic partnerships and supporting core clients.  She’s also served on the IA North Atlantic Chapter board for five years.

Lindsay Jerutis – General Manager Collective Voice and, Collective Voice

As the driving force behind Collective Voice, Lindsay is at the forefront of the Creator Marketing industry as the company’s General Manager. With over two decades of experience in digital commerce and operations, she navigates consumer trends, empowers Creators to build thriving businesses, and emphasizes the importance of brands investing in Creator marketing to drive growth and success.

Courtnie Hallendy – VP of Accelerate, CMB

Courtnie has spent her career as a researcher helping people make an impact at organizations. With over 20 years on both the client and vendor sides, she enjoys figuring out the answers to tough questions and helping clients get the insights they need. She has deep experience in brand measurement/engagement, product and marketing communications and innovative solutions. As the head of the Accelerate team at CMB, her mission is to maintain the reputation of CMB for delivering high-quality insights while leveraging the people and the tools appropriately to innovate and grow (while reducing the time to insights).

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