New: Snapshot – Electric Cars

The global electric car market is experiencing significant growth and is projected to reach $10bn by 2030. Many cities around the world are seeing constant improvement in infrastructure to support further usage of electric cars. Alongside these government initiatives, comprehension of the category amongst consumers is steadily increasing.  Given the potential of the category, Rakuten Insight decided to explore consumer attitudes towards electric cars.

​In February 2024, Rakuten Insight Global interviewed over 100,000 adults 16+ years old across 12 of our proprietary panels (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Vietnam) to find out their attitudes towards electric cars, motivations and barriers to purchase as well as brand awareness.​

Download the report to learn more on:

  • Ownership, Purchase Intention & Incentivising
  • Motivations & Barriers to Purchase
  • Importance of local brands in capturing market share

Snapshot – Electric Cars

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