New Report: Sustainable Consumption in APAC

Preserving the planet for future generations is critical. Sustainable consumption will be integral to leading economies around the world reaching their environmental targets, so it is also important to understand consumer attitudes towards sustainable consumption. For the second consecutive year, Rakuten Insight Global conducted an online survey with over 109,000 consumers from its own proprietary panel across APAC to explore sustainability.

The following insights on sustainable consumption, highlighted by comparisons to the previously conducted survey in 2022, will help brands provide more affordable, sustainable products for consumers across Asia.

Shaping the Green Mindset: Unveiling Consumer Values

  • ■ Almost half (44.9%) of APAC consumers prioritize purchasing sustainably made/packaged or environmentally friendly products, a significant increase from 2022 (43.3%).
  • ■ Gen Z leads this trend, with 88% valuing sustainability, while Baby Boomers closely follow at 79%.

Walking the Talk: Sustainable Practices in Action

  • ■ Over half of respondents (54.6%) have adopted sustainability practices in purchasing, a notable rise from 2022 (51.9%).
  • ■ Gen Z (56%) and Millennials (59%) are most proactive, especially in Southeast Asian markets like Indonesia (68%), Thailand (62%), the Philippines, and Vietnam (61%).

Breaking Down Barriers

  • ■ Cost remains the top barrier (35.7% in 2023, up from 30.9% in 2022), followed by lack of information (35.2% in 2023, up from 30.4% in 2022).
  • ■ However, consumers show a willingness to pay more for sustainable products (67.9% in 2023, up from 67.6% in 2022), particularly younger generations.

Inspiring Change: Propelling Sustainable Lifestyles

  • ■ Younger demographics are more open to taxation to promote sustainable consumption, with Gen Z (15%) and Millennials (14%) leading the charge.
  • ■ Overall, there’s a growing awareness and concern for sustainability among consumers, reflected in their willingness to pay extra for eco-friendly products and support sustainable initiatives.

To delve deeper into these insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer attitudes towards sustainable consumption in APAC, download the full report below.

Sustainable Consumption in APAC

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