Singapore: Enhancing Panel Authenticity with Verification via Singpass

In our pursuit of providing high-quality service and reliability, we are proud to announce the integration of Singpass into our proprietary panel in Singapore. The integration allows new and existing members to verify their Rakuten Insight accounts via Singpass, therefore giving clients access to a substantial pool of authenticated members. This further strengthens the accuracy and reliability of our data.

What is Singpass?

Singpass is every Singapore citizen’s and resident’s trusted digital identity for convenient and secure access to thousands of government and private sector digital services.

Unique benefits

  • ☑ Clients can be more confident of the reliability and accuracy of the data and insights collected.
  • ☑ By verifying our panel via Singpass, we demonstrate our commitment to credibility and transparency in data collection.
  • ☑ Access to a substantial pool of verified and authentic members.

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