Report: Understanding the Post-Pandemic Traveller

Since early 2020, the global pandemic fundamentally changed the world–the way we live, work, travel and consume. Facing lockdowns and subsequent restrictions to leisure activities, the travel industry was arguably one of the most impacted sectors. Consumers had to put their usual travel plans on hold until such time when travel became possible. Now that most countries have opened up again and relative freedom of movement restored, Rakuten Insight decided to explore how people view travel and what are their upcoming travel plans?

This summer, Rakuten Insight Global interviewed over 126,000 adults 16+ years old across our 13 proprietary panels (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Vietnam) to find out their attitudes to travel, their concerns and their upcoming travel plans.

Download your copy now to find out details on:

  • ● Reasons for wanting to travel
  • Reasons for not wanting to travel
  • What would convince those undecided
  • Desired destinations
  • Purpose & mode of transport

Understanding the Post-Pandemic Traveller

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