Free Report: Post-Pandemic Lifestyle – Thailand

The Covid pandemic undoubtedly had a huge impact on consumers all around the world. The new consumer behaviours span all areas of consumer lifestyles, from how we work, shop, entertain to how we look after ourselves.

Surveys conducted by Rakuten Insight on their own proprietary panels have shown that it is critical to know your consumer in these times. As such, this survey was conducted online, using Rakuten Insight proprietary panels with 1,045 respondents in Thailand, to gauge consumer attitudes and behaviours in 4 categories: Financial Digitalization, Entertainment, Online Shopping & Wellness.

Key insights which have emerged include:

Finance Digitalization: Thai consumers are moving away from traditional cash payments towards digital payments, providing opportunities for many in the Fintech space.

  • ● 93% have used an e-wallet & 94% would give digital banking a chance.
  • ● 58% report a decrease in using cash for payments compared to a year ago. 

Download the PDF here

Entertainment & Leisure: With the relaxation of Covid19 protocols, travel, spending time with the family and visiting shopping malls are high on the agenda.

  • ● 40% of Thais are looking to travel overseas in the next six months, with Asia (82%) the most popular intended destination.
  • ● Thais’ focus on spending more weekends/free time with friends and family (59%) and visiting shopping malls (50%).

Download the PDF here

Online Shopping: Popular before the pandemic but grew significantly during lockdown.

  • ● 76% make online purchases at least once a month with 36% purchasing at least once a week.
  • ● Shopee (77%) and Lazada (73%) are Thais’ top preferences for online shopping.

Download the PDF here

Wellness: The Covid19 pandemic greatly impacted the physical and mental wellness of Thais.

  • ● 85% agreed that the increased cost of living after the pandemic affected their life.
  • ● Additionally, 51% of Thais also worry about the possibility of an impending recession.

Download the PDF here

Download the full report here.

Report: Post-Pandemic Lifestyle – Thailand

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