How are Thais coping with the Social Distancing Order and Curfew?

Thailand just announced that the emergency decree will be extended till end of June, so we asked our respondents how they are coping with the Social Distancing Order and the Curfew.

With the spread of Covid-19 virus, Thais are feeling concerned/stressed about the virus. Majority seems to have a positive perception towards Social Distancing Order and Curfew. And most are compliant with the SDO and Curfew, only leaving their homes when they are have to.

Only 16% believe that the virus outbreak will end before June 2020 . While about 40% believe that the outbreak will end around next year. More than 50% are being financially impacted.

Since the outbreak and SDO and Curfew, they are spending more time on communication apps to stay connected to family, friends and work. Almost 60% have purchased items via online shopping platforms. Interestingly, offline channel is still the main channel of purchase for groceries and food, probably because of limited delivery slots provided. House sanitizers and food products are the main concern when it comes to grocery shopping.


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