Dining out habits in the new normal

Since it is Valentines’ Day, Rakuten Insight asked participants from their own proprietary panels in 12 Asian markets & US, about their dining out habits.

Part of everyday life

In Taiwan, dining out or buying meals outside the home is a part of everyday life for 41% of people. Meanwhile, in Japan 28% of people report dining out several times a month, while in India 11% never dine out at all.

Plenty of options to choose from

In Indonesia, the most popular option is street food/hawkers, with 76% of people opting for that choice. With India having a slightly different preference when it comes to dining out of home, 31% of people prefer to eat at a fine dining restaurant. On the other hand, in South Korea 81% of people prefer casual dining restaurants.

Distinct regional preferences

In Malaysia, 30% of people prefer dining out for breakfast; in Hong Kong, 74% are usually having lunch out of home while Vietnam has 77% prefering to go out for dinner. For late night dining, we can see a preference in China, Taiwan and India all with 27% of people having late-night meal out of home.

Apps or phones for making reservations

When making a reservation, people in Hong Kong (50%) and China (40%) prefer to use apps. Meanwhile, 59% of people in Taiwan choose to call the restaurant to make a reservation.

A social activity for many people

In Malaysia, 73% usually eat out with family members. People in China (43%) and United States (41%) tend to prefer romantic partner/spouse. Meanwhile, in China, friends (64%) and colleagues (60%) are popular dining companions. Lastly, 29% of people in Hong Kong and Taiwan typically dine alone.

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