2023 Public Holidays in Rakuten Insight Panels

24/7 market research is conducted online globally. With clients needing data at ever- increasing speed, researchers need to be aware of times and occasions when response rates and fieldwork times may be impacted by local cultural events.

Whether it be religious or national holidays, researchers need to be aware of key events to strategize for the year ahead. As such, Rakuten Insight has collated a list of the key 2023 public holidays in 12 Asian markets & the US, where Rakuten Insight owns proprietary panels.

Please download the 2023 Public Holidays Calendar here:

Looking for an online market research panel in Asia and US? We’d love to hear from you!

For 25 years, Rakuten Insight Global has been at the forefront of consumer market research data collection. By combining our 1st party data with the highest levels of quality assurance processes, Rakuten Insight Global has remained our clients’ trusted research partner for Asia, US & Beyond.

Our proprietary, double opt-in online panels have been developed throughout 12 major Asian markets, including South Korea, China & Japan, as well as the US. All of the panels are managed by dedicated local support teams and meet the highest industry standards. The Rakuten Insight Global team offers 24-hour coverage from 11 worldwide locations, providing exceptional service for 500+ clients across the globe.

Rakuten Insight Global is tasked with leveraging the 1st party membership assets of the Rakuten Group for market research purposes. Having access to such a diverse and unique group of research participants allows Rakuten Insight to remain at the forefront of online research.

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