Decision Makers or Decision Influencers?

Understanding how decision-makers identify with the decision-maker label

Across the market research sector, surveys targeting decision-makers by title are often run to gain insights from the most influential individuals. But have you ever wondered how far these individuals with a decision-making title actually identify with the decision-maker label? Rakuten Insight posed this intriguing hypothetical question to the decision makers themselves using their proprietary panels in Japan and the US.

The survey primarily aimed to uncover the extent to which decision-makers perceive themselves as actual decision-makers. In addition, the survey explored their perspectives on decision-making, including how they believe the best decisions are made and which job titles are typically associated with decision-making responsibilities.

Initially, there was a hypothesis that a significant cultural difference might exist between decision-makers in Japan and the United States. However, the findings have shown that there are more common implications for researching decision-makers.

The report contains not only data on decision-makers but also questions for researchers to ask themselves when creating surveys that target decision-makers. For example, what is the likely role of the group in making decisions, what is the impact of the local culture on decision-making, or would the term decision influencer better suit the survey?

This snapshot into the minds of decision-makers offers valuable insights for market researchers across the sector. Understanding how decision-makers perceive themselves and their role can help researchers create more tailored approaches, leading to better, more effective insights.

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Decision Makers or Decision Influencers?

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