Research World: A cultural analysis of trust in data collection in Japan and South Korea

Originally published on, 23rd Feb 2021.

Data shows low trust in companies who collect personal data in Japan & South Korea. Trust differs culturally so how can collectors & users of personal data connect more emotionally with the general public?


Data shows low trust in companies who collect personal data in Japan & South Korea, compared to the rest of Asia. For data collectors – including market researchers – to gain more trust from society, business & consumers, we must consider: 1) the concept of trust culturally and 2) differing strategies to build trust with local consumers.

Trust in Japan differentiates between:

Personal trust (shinrai 信頼) This ‘trust’ is akin to the concept of Brand Love in the West and brands which collect personal data generally lack this personal trust with consumers in Japan & Korea.

Business trust (shinyou 信用). This ‘trust’ is functional, relating to business or tasks being undertaken to expected levels, and therefore relevant for products, services & data.

Potential strategies to connect more emotionally in Japan & South Korea include scaling, diversifying their business or specializing to target a well-defined consumer segment.

Neil Cantle is Regional Head EU at Rakuten Insight Global.

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