Pet Market in Asia

For the latest data on pet ownership in Asia (Jan 2021), please click here: “Pet ownership in Asia”

The pet care market in Asia is estimated to be over US$1B per year with expected growth to US$1.5B by 2020 and reflects the growing wealth of the region. Attitudes to pet ownership varies greatly across the region along with ownership rates. We will focus on Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan for this edition of Asia Express. Ownership of any kind of pet varies from a high of 83% in the Philippines to a low of 54% in Taiwan.

Table 1.
Pet Ownership in Asia
The arguments over dogs and cats are as old as the ages, and in three of the four countries examined it remains confirmed as man’s best friend. The exception being Indonesia with an ownership rate of cats (37%) outstripping ownership of dogs (16%). Pet ownership in Indonesia has only recently become a trend with the increasing urbanization of the nation.

Chart 1.
Rates of Dog Owners and Cat Owners in Asia
Another interesting outcome is the prevalence of fish ownership in Indonesia with 16% of people answering they own Goldfish (Philippines – 10%, Thailand – 12%, Taiwan – 10%) and 9% responding they own Tropical Fish – both highest amongst the countries asked.

Table 2.
Which pets do you raise at home
Pet ownership in asia

◼Survey Details Markets: Age 20+ in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand Sample Size: Indonesia – 4200, Philippines – 4500, Thailand – 5400, Taiwan – 6700
Methodology: Online Survey using Rakuten Insight proprietary panels
Fieldwork Timing: June 2018

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