India: Putting the Emotion into Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle market is anticipated to become a key future battleground with huge potential for growth.

Rakuten Insight conducted a survey in India, with the aim to understand consumer awareness, attitudes and expectations from Electric Vehicles. Over 2,000 consumers in India, from Rakuten Insight’s own proprietary panel, participated and shared their views.

Find out what it will take for Electric Vehicles to capture both the heads and the hearts of the Indian consumer in Rakuten Insight’s Report – Putting the Emotion into Electric Vehicles.

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As Asia’s trusted research partner, Rakuten Insight has remained at the forefront of consumer market research data collection in the region for over 23 years. Our online panels have been developed throughout 12 major Asian markets, all of which are managed by dedicated local support teams and meet the highest standard of the industry. The team at Rakuten Insight Global offers 24-hour coverage from 11 worldwide locations, providing exceptional service for our over 500 clients across the globe.

Rakuten Insight Global is tasked with leveraging the membership assets of Rakuten Group for market research purposes. Having access to such a diverse and unique group of research participants allows Rakuten Insight to remain at the forefront of online research in the region.

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