2022 Davis Cup by Rakuten

Rakuten is the Global Presenting Partner and Global Innovation and Entertainment Partner of the Davis Cup, the World Cup of Tennis. This year, the Davis Cup by Rakuten will take place across venues in Europe in Italy, Scotland, Germany, and Spain.

So why is Rakuten sponsoring the Davis Cup? Sport is a key sector in the Rakuten ecosystem. As part of its mission of empowering people and communities, Rakuten is also sponsoring other sports teams around the world, including The Golden States Warriors (American basketball), Rakuten Monkeys (Taiwanese Baseball) & Vissel Kobe (Japanese football). Professional sports also align with Rakuten’s philosophy of setting & exceeding goals and continuously striving to improve.

The Rakuten data ecosystem covers sports as well as many other aspects of our lifestyles, but what is a Data ecosystem? In brief, it is an ability to gather and combine data from numerous service providers and build value through the usage of that processed data. In the UK, Amazon is the ecosystem which jumps out immediately with its offer of shopping, TV, and music. Tesco is another example offering groceries, mobile, and banking services.

In Japan, even Amazon’s ecosystem is dwarfed by Rakuten. Rakuten, like Amazon, started life as an online shopping portal. Now there are 70+ businesses within the group, offering a broad range of online and offline services, including e-commerce, loyalty points, travel, digital content, financial services, mobile networks, and professional sports. Animal lovers can even insure their pet dog! There is hardly any aspect of consumer lifestyle that goes untouched, unrewarded, or unrecorded by Rakuten!

A successful ecosystem encourages participation through offering services with clear benefits such as economies of scale and cultivates a collaborative environment in which new ideas on monetizing data can flourish. Rakuten Group is one of only a limited number of companies that have the ability or potential to possess enough data to build a successful ecosystem, as the requirements are very high. Services must be provided and used by a significant population of a large nation or internationally to ensure sufficient data coverage. Also, services must remain competitive across several sectors. Acquiring an ecosystem of existing services would be too costly and associated risks too high.  

The Davis Cup by Rakuten provides a great opportunity for Rakuten to tell its story whilst everyone enjoys the tennis. Who will win this year? Let’s enjoy the tournament and find out!

You can also join fans around the world in a campaign to cheer on your favorite Davis Cup 2022 team by sending in messages of support. Read more here:

Davis Cup Fan World Cup

About the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022
Founded in 1900, Davis Cup by Rakuten is the men’s world cup of tennis and the largest annual team competition in sport. 143 nations entered in 2022 and will compete across multiple levels of the competition from regional events to the pinnacle of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals. In 2022, the Finals will see 16 nations compete for a chance to be crowned world champions. The Group Stage will be played in 4 different cities from 13-18 September: Bologna, Valencia, Hamburg and Glasgow. The best 8 teams will travel to Malaga in November to play the Finals.  

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