Rakuten Insight Global Enhances Singapore Panel Authenticity with Verification via Singpass

Singapore, February 29, 2024 – Rakuten Insight Global, Inc., a wholly-owned online market research subsidiary of Rakuten Group, Inc., a global leader in internet services headquartered in Tokyo, today announced the integration of Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identity, as part of its proprietary panel verification process.

The integration allows new and existing members to verify their Rakuten Insight accounts via Singpass, thereby giving clients access to a substantial pool of authenticated members. It also provides clients with more confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the research data collected.

User verification via Singpass is carried out using consent-based and government-verified data. Rakuten Insight will only retrieve the necessary data required to verify an individual’s identity, and all data exchanged between Rakuten Insight and Singpass is encrypted.

By integrating Singpass as part of its solutions, Rakuten Insight demonstrates its commitment to credibility and transparency in market research data collection.

Momoko Kishigami, President of Rakuten Insight Global, said, “We are committed to providing our clients with a reliable one-stop online data solution for Asia, US and beyond. The integration of Singpass represents an exciting step forward, enhancing the authenticity and reliability of our Singapore panel data”.

To learn more about our Singpass-verified panel, contact rig-info@mail.rakuten.com To learn more about Singpass, visit www.singpass.gov.sg

About Rakuten Insight Global

Rakuten Insight Global, Inc. (“Rakuten Insight”) is a wholly-owned online market research subsidiary company of Rakuten Group, Inc. Rakuten Insight was established in 1997 as AIP Corporation and became part of the Rakuten Group in 2014. Rakuten Insight possesses a research panel focusing on 12 countries and regions in Asia & the US and a panel network covering 60 countries and regions. With offices in 11 countries and regions, Rakuten Insight provides market research for over 500 leading companies around the world. For more information, visit https://insight.rakuten.com/

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