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Kritsa Ouyswat, Panel Manager,

Did you know we will be running out of sand? {source}

The thought of sand running out is just simply mind blogging. Firstly, I do not think we can imagine that there may be no more beaches in the future. The next thought was how is it possible that we are running out of these tiny tweeny particles? Isn’t there tonnes and tonnes of it out there?

However, the fact remains, sand will be ‘extinct’ as the world continues to consume it at a relentless rate.

Let’s discuss about Online Research Panels.

Panel Providers had been aggressively recruiting and build its panels to outdo each other. Once they are registered in the panels, the maximum number of survey was sent out. Over time, panel members begin to fatigue. Resulting in lower data quality, lower response rate, and eventually drop out of the panel. When these happens, it become increasingly challenging to recruit new members as negative experiences of being part of a panel will be shared. We may be running out of panel members like sand, if we are not careful of how we treat the people.

This is where Rakuten Insight differentiate.

We invested in hiring local Panel Managers in addition to recruiting proprietary panels across Asia Pacific. Panel Managers serve as key contact point for the panel members, should they have any questions about our services. Having someone on the ground in the local market helps to solve any survey or redemptions issues faced by members. Nothing is too small or big for them! They positively engaged the panel members, and it shows with our panel activeness. The other key benefit of a local Panel Manager is that our client facing colleagues can draw local insights for their proposals which translate a much high conversion for all working with Rakuten Insight.

Let’s hear from one of our Panel Manager from Bangkok, Thailand, Kritsa Ouyswat

J: Hi Kritsa, I remembered first saw you in our Singapore office for OJT. When was that exactly?

K: If my memory still serves me, it was back in June, 2015!

J: Time flies, doesn’t it? Will you share with us what is your role with Rakuten Insight?

K: Currently, I’m a Product Manager. I am responsible for optimizing membership building for the given market(s), to engage with members, and resolve any possible issues for members.

J: That sounds both exciting and challenging. With that amount of interaction with our panel members, will you share some insight for our reader to implement a successful Online Research project and Panel?

K: LOI (Length Of Interview) and appropriate rewards are important to a good project outcome. We see a survey of 15-20mins have better response rate and better data quality. On our end, rewards has been handled out to members on a timely manner which creates trust to members. All inquiries are being responded within 24 hrs. The number of mobile connection compared to population for SEA is 141% in 2018, that is to say, we are in “mobile first” generation. Therefore, survey which can be accessed from Mobile phone is surely an advantage. This also applies to Social Media as well. We are investing and improving our SNS to have ourselves being present and more visible with the market trends. We are continuing to improve and grow our panel with various resources. Next year will be an exciting year. Stay tuned!

J: Thailand being one of the fast growing economy in Asia, any specific input for client wanting to conduct the survey here.

K: From my experience in interaction with TH members, I would say Thai people are more open to Online surveys and more comfortable and straightforward in sharing opinions and feedbacks online rather than offline. This is mainly because Thai people that does not prefer confrontation so much. Age range between 18-39 are much more responsive, and women more than men. We are starting to see more of 40 yo that are being responsive as well.

J: Thank you so much! Lastly, what’s your favourite Thai food and where do can we get our hands on some when we visit?!

K: haha, I’m a soup person so Tom Yam I would say. And you can just ring me, I can take you around.

J: Being so fun hanging out with you, ขอบคุณ!!

K: Same here. I look forward to meeting you again soon.

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