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We heard from Collin, Country Director, Rakuten Insight Malaysia, in our earlier post about the diversity in Asia.

It got us interested to find out how different is the Taste Bud in the 12 countries with our panel members.

They were asked to pick their preferences with these combinations:

  1. French Fries or Mashed Potatoes
  2. Ice Cream or Cale
  3. Coffee or Tea
  4. Sunny Side Up or Scrambled Eggs
  5. Chocolate or Vanilla
  6. Chili Sauce or Ketchup

The result shed an interesting insight.


“Sinful” indulgences: French Fries; Ice Cream; Chocolate are largely preferred in all 12 countries!

Sunny Side Up is more popular with 8 countries choosing it over Scrambled Eggs.

Coffee has a landslide preference over Tea, which is the preferred drink in 9 countries.

Last but not least, Chilli or Ketchup?
The result shows that it was evenly spilt – with 6 countries taking a liking to each sauce.

Asia is truly unique and diverse which could be challenging for businesses to comprehend its landscape and consumers.

Fret not, Rakuten Insight gets you covered!

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