Warning about Phishing Emails

Warning about Phishing Emails

Recently we are reported about phishing emails pretending to be from Rakuten AIP. If you receive an email purports to come from Rakuten AIP, you might have been the target of “phishing” (pronounced “fishing,” and also called scamming, carding, or spoofing).

Phishing is a common Internet scam where a perpetrator sends out official looking emails that appear to come from the Internet’s biggest Web sites in an attempt to gather personal financial information from the recipient or in order to spread a computer virus.

*Do not follow links or open attachments in suspicious or unsolicited messages
*Should you open an attachment sent to you by a scam, please run an anti-virus or anti-malware program to help protect your PC.

Recent Phishing Example

【注意】エー・アイ・ピーを装った不審なメールにご注意ください (2018年3月7日)

2018年3月7日(水)頃より、エー・アイ・ピーを装った不審なメールが配信されているとのお問い合わせを多くいただいております。 エー・アイ・ピーを装い、「Invoice Number」に関するメールが配信されている状況ですが弊社より配信したメールではございません。




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