The Next Normal – Covid-19 Consumer Survey 2020 SG & MY

In the fight against Covid-19 many governments have imposed stringent protective measures, forcing most consumers to change their lifestyles and habits until the situation improves. Brands not only face a tremendous challenge to cope with new demand shifts and operational restrictions, they will now need to also understand the new consumer norms and reposition themselves to better connect with their audiences as we emerge into the next normal.

To understand these new dynamics at play, DIA Brands partnered with Rakuten Insight Global to conduct a 2-market study covering Singapore and Malaysia with the objective of helping brands understand how consumer behaviour is changing and its potential impact on businesses.

Download DIA Brands report, powered by Rakuten Insight Global data, and uncover:

      • General consumer sentiment, the impact Covid-19 has on their daily routine and consumption.
      • Confidence in future spending and activities across sectors such as Food and Technology.
      • The perception towards local brands and businesses and expectations from brand communications.

About DIA Brands
For 25 years DIA has researched, innovated, designed and communicated brands in Asia and connected them to the world. Our aim is to create business advantage for our clients and deliver remarkable brand experiences to support their sustainable brand growth.

DIA was established in London in 1983 and was a leading consultancy in Europe before establishing our Asia division in 1995. DIA is now an independent Singapore based branding consultancy with a regional network in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and associates in the UK.

Our deep understanding of Asian culture and business, combined with our experience in international branding and the global markets, enable us to deliver cutting edge branding solutions for our clients across the region.

Download the full report here!

And please reach out to us with any questions we can help get answered for you!

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