Inside Rakuten Insight – The Unsung Hero, Panel Managers

Being in the Online Panel business for over 20 years, Rakuten Insight has learnt that investment to its panels building on its own is insufficient. Online panels which makes up of real people require constant attention to manage it.

This is the reason why we have Panel Managers for these responsibilities.

Panel Managers serve as key contact point for the panel members, should they have any questions about our services. Having someone on the ground in the local market helps to solve any survey or redemption issues faced by members.
Nothing is too small or big for them! They positively engaged the panel members, and the quality of our panel benefits from it.

Let’s hear from Kritsa Ouyswat, Panel Manager from Bangkok, Thailand.

J: Hi Kritsa, I remembered first saw you in our Singapore office for OJT. When was that exactly?

K: It was June, 2015

J: Time flies, doesn’t it? Will you share with us what is your role with Rakuten Insight?

K: My position is Product Manager

J: That sounds both exciting and challenging. With that amount of interaction with our panel members, will you share some insight for our reader to implement a successful Online Research project?

K: From my experience in interaction with TH members, I would say Thai people are more open to Online surveys and more comfortable and straightforward in sharing opinions and feedbacks online rather than offline as it is more or less nature of Thai people that does not prefer confrontation so much. Age range between 18-39 are much more responsive and women more than men. We are starting to see more of 40 yo that are being responsive as well.

LOI and appropriate e-point are also important as I think it’s for all countries, not only for Thailand.

The number of mobile connection compared to population for SEA is 141% in 2018, we are in “mobile first” generation. Therefore, accessing from Mobile phone is much advantage. This also applies to Social medias as well. We are investing and improving our SNS to have ourselves being presence and more visible with the market trends.

Rewards has been handled to members on timely manner per our timeline which creates trust to members.

Minimum redemption points have been adjusted so members can enjoy exchanging in much faster time.

Inquiries are being responded within 24 hrs on working days. However, we strictly control our security and any kind of fraudulent in our panel as well to ensure our panel is real.

We are continuing to improve and grow our panel with various resources. Next year will be an exciting year. Stay tuned…

J: Thank you so much! Lastly, what’s your favourite Thai food and where do can we get our hands on some when we visit?!

K: haha, I’m a soup person so Tom yam I would say. And you can just ring me, I can take you around.

J: Being so fun hanging out with you, ขอบคุณ!!

K: Same here. I look forward to meeting you again soon.

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