Local Expertise and Quality Panels in Asia and Beyond

When was the last time you received authentic local feedback for your surveys to ensure the highest quality online data? Rakuten Insight does this every single time. We provide a rich blend of authentic Asian local insight and premium proprietary panels to clients who are looking for quick, affordable, and most of all, reliable Asian online samples.

We differentiate ourselves by staffing local native project managers to ensure your surveys and sampling plans are truly localized. Rakuten Insight ensures our experienced native project managers will make sure your research solutions delivered faster than ever before, without the usual compromise of quality. Rakuten Insight delivers quick, affordable, and most of all, reliable online data for your Asian research needs.

Overall satisfaction with sales department

Overall satisfaction with project management

Delivery to agreed sample size and quotas

Delivery to agreed project timelines

Quality of Panel/Sample

Accuracy of Data File(s) / Tables delivered

Quality of Survey Link programmed

Proactive communication & offering of solutions

Time to program, set-up and launch

Project managers' understanding of project

Project managers' turnaround/response time

Results of our Client Satisfaction Survey. Top 2 Box (Extremely Satisfied/Very Satisfied). N= 568. June 2021 – June 2022

As the pioneer & expert of online research in Asia, Rakuten Insight is dedicated to the continuous quality improvement via various process evolution and technology development.

By leveraging centralized local expertise nurtured by our multi-cultural team, Rakuten Insight is dedicated to quality assurance in terms of panel, operation, and system; Three aspects to deliver reliable research result for our valuable clients.

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